ARG GamePlay Resources

It is not the task of this online augmentation to duplicate what is in the journal essay. I will say that the argument I put forward is that the majority of 'participants' in large-scale ARGs experience the content ARG players create rather than that of the ARG designers. Although players do create content that contributes directly to the core ARG content, most of that ARG-player content experienced for massive audiences are their gameplay resources. So, although I cannot explain here WHY ARG players create these resources, or WHY the majority of ARG (passive) audiences need and at times prefer player-created content (because these are addressed in the essay), I can explain more about ARG gameplay resources.

SOURCE TYPES: Puppet-Master, ARG Community, Game-specific Community, Individual Players, Non-ARG Communities & Sites
MEDIA TYPES: forums, blogs, listservs, IRC, wikis, other website forms and podcasts
RESOURCE TYPES: Tools, Orientations or Tutorials, Asset Aggregation, Interaction, Recaps, Anachrony Audits, Character Charts, Guides
FICTIONALITY STATUS: Diegetic (also termed ingame, incharacter, instory, inworld), Meta/out-of-game (OOG)

The following are examples of ARG Gameplay Resources listed according to the values of the taxonomy chart. Some are cited in the essay and some are not. In many cases, it the same information reframed according to the values. Once again, please note it is not a comprehensive listing.

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